Wearable Photos™ by Josh Miller Ventures

My Wearable Photos™ Collections features silk and chiffon prints, draped cardigans, dresses and skirts - including photographs taken while running, hiking and cycling in both Colorado, Kentucky and beyond.

Square print sizes range from 16x16" - great as a pocket square, cravat, small scarf, and to accessorize your bag - up to 36x36" and 50x50" prints that can be worn as everything from a scarf to a belt, head wrap, sarong, cross-body and more!

To be as eco-friendly as possible, Wearable Photos™ are printed on-demand and shipped directly to you!

Click here to checkout the Fall/Winter 2022 and Trioe Bypass Ride 2022 Wearable Photos Collections Lookbook.

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"Energy & Light" Wearable Photos™ by Josh Miller Ventures - Loveland Pass 2021